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In prijs verlaagd! Hawke Digital 5x Night Vision Monocular Bekijk groter

HAWKE Nachtkijker op restlicht Digital 5x Night Vision Monocular


The Hawke Digital NV Monocular night vision is a very competitively priced night vision device that you can buy online from us.

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Ideal for viewing in the dark or in the dark with a zoom that magnifies 5 times.

This night vision device has a photo and movie night vision function.

New digital night vision device from Hawke. Visibility up to 200 meters, 5x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom. Possibility of photo and video recording with films of 10 min. Built-in memory of 3.65 Gb.

Model Specifications for: NV 1000 night vision device NV 1000 night vision device (HK-NV1000)
Magnification 5x
Lens Diameter 40
Range 2m - 200m
Dimensions 200mm x 86mm x 56mm
Weight 400g
Power Supply 1 x 3.7V RCR123A Battery rechargeable incl

Comes with rechargeable batteries.

To clarify: The Belgian Weapons Act prohibits night vision goggles and classifies them as prohibited weapons.
Possession and / or use of prohibited weapons is punishable and will be prosecuted (loss of hunting permit and / or firearms license).
However, the court in Namur has clarified that there is a clear difference between a night vision scope and an ordinary night vision scope, not equipped with a reticle or other aiming device. The latter are allowed if they cannot be mounted on a weapon and are only used for observation purposes.